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i'm luz: student, f, 23, san diego, super weeby bear, obsessed w/cute shit.

art, animu, animals, j-fashion, sanrio/san-x, kawaii, weaboo shit, dolls, and toys
also i hate superwholock so don't even try that shit

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Details from my room (I wish my walls were pink.)♥

Where to get that heart shelffff???

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Kawoshin figurine for WF2014 


TERA Elin Ver. 7 - 桜花月影 幻流Ver.

by Cerberus Project (Source)

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there’s been interest in these listen flavor shirts lately and they released some new merchandise, so i’d like to do a group order for these! this way we can save on shipping within japan and COD costs.

sign up is here. prices are available on the google document. prices DO NOT include shipping. shipping will be calculated and posted in the #vss shipping tag once the items are in hand.

step-by-step breakdown:

  1. choose the item(s) you want. size measurements are below.
  2. mark your tumblr name next to the item(s) you want. include size or color if necessary.
  3. calculate your total and fill in the chart at the bottom of the sheet.
  4. send payment to walkinginthegroove@gmail.com. include your tumblr name, what items you ordered, AND your shipping address. send payment for “goods and services” NOT “friends and family” or “gift”
  5. mark “y” for paid on the document.
  6. wait for a shipping total in the coming weeks!

garment measurements:

BIG Monokuma Shirt (Free Size)

Measurements:Length 75 cm / Width 58 cm / Sleevelength 15 cm / Hem Width 66 cm)

Melting Monomi Hoodie (Free Size)

Measurements: Length 78 cm / Width 61 cm /  Sleevelength 38 cm / Hem Width 51 cm

"The Breeder" Gundam Shirt, Gamer Nanami Shirt, Miracle Usami Shirt, Soudamotors Shirt 


S: Length 64 cm / Width 45 cm / Sleevelength 16 cm

M: Length 65 cm / Width 48 cm / Sleevelength 20 cm

L: Length 68 cm / Width 50 cm / Sleevelength 20 cm

DG/RP Bullets of Hope Celes, Kirigiri, Sayaka, Chihiro Shirt (Free Size), Beauty and the Ogre Sakura and Aoi (Free Size) 

Measurements: Length 72 cm / Width 49 cm / Sleevelength 61 cm/ Hem Width 50 cm

thank you! please signal boost if you’re not buying, we appreciate it.

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my butt needs these.


my butt needs these.

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Mermaid flats 

I should have bought these wah 



Mermaid flats 

I should have bought these wah 

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Yukio Takano (Japan) Mushroom Light Lamps

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